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Energy costs continue to rise and more Federal regulations are taking affect. Let Schramm Electric help your business save energy and money immediately by switching your business to LED Lighting. 

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Did You Know...

With LED Lighting you could Save 25-40% on your next electric bill.


LED lights use 50-90% less power than traditional lighting, which translates to lower energy bills, and more money for your bottom line.

Other Benefits of LED Lighting:

Why LEDs are quickly becoming the lighting choice EVERYWHERE you need light.

  • Saves the environment; less waste and disposal hazards .
  • Extremely long life lasts 10 times longer than traditional lighting.
  • Reduced maintenance costs; Replacement cycle costs are drastically reduced. 
  • Reduces ambient heat; generates far less heat than traditional lighting allowing greater savings on air conditioning costs.
  • Produces less glare; higher productivity and safety in the work place.
  • Better directional lighting; directionality allows for precision lighting with no wasted light.
  • Less pollution: No toxic chemicals like that found in traditional incandescent, fluorescent and HID lighting like-arsenic, mercury, lead, carbon dioxide or phosphorous. 
  • No UV radiation produces no ultra violet or infrared light.

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With nearly 15 years of expertise as an electrician, Seth is a full service Certified Master Electrician with licenses in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. Seth is a military veteran, a hockey fan and the owner of Schramm Electric.

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